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Applied anthropology group

Applied anthropology represents research that can be used to solve problems in society and business, as well as to educate people about various processes in society. Applied anthropology research is used worldwide in areas such as business, education, health, the environment and human rights. Due to its holistic approach, anthropology allows not only a comprehensive and in-depth study of a particular issue, but also to design the necessary changes and potential solutions to problems.

Anthropologists are trained to look at societal processes with a deep understanding and respect for context and diversity. The industry's basic approach, participant observation, includes a wide range of qualitative research tools that allow to do so, such as observation and participation in events, involvement of research participants in research, qualitative individual and group interviews, diary writing, audio, video and note-taking. This is supported by a careful analysis and interpretation of all this data and potential co-design phase with the relevant stakeholders.

The aim of the Applied Anthropology Group of LAB is

  • to promote the networking of researchers working in the field of applied social and cultural anthropology and exchange experience on methodological and practical issues of applied research in Latvia, the Baltic States and beyond;

  • to create a cooperation platform within which we get to know each other's research activities and jointly improve the quality of applied research in Latvia.


Members and interested parties of the Applied Anthropology Group meet once a month to listen and engage with each other's experiences.


If you want to join the Applied Anthropology Group:

In the future, you will receive information about the planned events and will be able to actively participate in the work of the Applied Anthropology Group.

Medical anthropology group

The Medical Anthropology Group unites everyone who is interested in a social science-inspired view of health, medicine and the body.


Objectives of the section:

  • to promote research on issues raised in medical anthropology, such as the cultural and historical aspects of various medical diagnoses, the peculiarities of the health care system in Latvia, health practices at different stages of life, from reproductive health and childhood to the end of life, and how these practices affect the body, emotions and psyche.

  • to bring up these and other issues by holding regular academic discussions, as well as to promote co-operation between interested social scientists in the Baltic region.


The section usually holds an academic lecture each month during the academic year, as well as an informal discussion before the start of the academic year. The work of the section takes place in two languages - Latvian and English, therefore non-Latvian speakers are also invited to apply.


If you want to join the Medical Anthropology Group:

In the future, you will receive information about the planned events and will be able to actively participate in the work of the Medical Anthropology Group.

Terminology translation group

The LAB Terminology Translation Group was established to promote a meaningful representation of foreign language terms in social and cultural anthropology in the Latvian language. The group acts as a platform for an ongoing translational gatherings to support anthropologists in their professional activities - teaching anthropology, translating relevant scientific or popular literature, preparing their publications, organizing conferences, etc. The group is also open to students to clarify the terminology of final theses and study projects.

Group goal:

  • to develop the professional language of anthropology so that the Latvianizations correspond to the norms of the Latvian language and at the same time reflect the meanings of specific terms that are rooted in the internationally recognized texts of social and cultural anthropologists.

  • As the terms entered in anthropology are used in related fields, such as philosophy, sociology, geography, etc., this group is also open to their representatives. On the basis of the LAB Terminology Translation Group, a Subcommittee on Social and Cultural Anthropology of the LAS Terminology Commission is currently being formed.

If you want to join the Terminology Translation Group:

In the future, you will receive information about the planned activities and will be able to actively participate in the work of the Translation Group.

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